Head Office +919667773258

Enam sambhav C-20, G block Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai , Maharashtra 400051

Company Website Company Value Projected IPO Year
HBF Direct limited
hbfdirect.com Rs 88.5Cr 2027 Enquire
Incomet Learning Ltd
incomet.in Rs 106Cr 2026 Enquire
Taiiki Media Ltd
taiikimedia.com Rs 20Cr 2028 Enquire
Webyne Data Center
webyne.com Rs 20Cr 2028 Enquire
Danier Leather
danier.com Rs 50Cr 2028 Enquire
Relations AI
relationsai.com Rs 20Cr 2028 Enquire

Benefits of investing in early stage unlisted High Growth potential Businesses

Unlisted businesses always have significant growth potential, providing investors with the opportunity to capitalize on early-stage growth and earn substantial returns on investment.

Unlisted businesses are generally valued lower than their listed counterparts, allowing investors to enter at a more affordable price point and potentially benefit from higher valuation multiples as the business grows.

Patient investors can benefit from long-term capital gains. As unlisted businesses grow and potentially go public or get acquired, investors stand to gain significantly, realizing profits over the long run.

Unlisted businesses have the flexibility to explore strategic exits, such as mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, which can lead to profitable outcomes for investors.